Another sky

A studio set designed to commemorate the 10th anniversary of “another sky”, a Japanese TV program of Nippon Television Network Corporation. The concept is that while each person has a uniquely memorable place under a different sky, they are all connected as one, and the studio set was designed to express this concept.

The Spy Glass

The Spy Glass is built on a recessed turntable allowing the transparent ‘picture window’ of the hut to be turned like traditional slot binoculars – this can be rotated in a 180-degree direction, via remote control, to face the sun, seascape or the bright lights of Eastbourne Pier, ‘reacting’ to daily life around it.

Burnham Pavilion

A temporary pavollon designed and erected in Chicago’s Millennium Park as part of the Burnham Plan celebrations – reflecting the Chicago’s long tradition for embracing cutting edge architecture in an intricate but fluid structure that incorporates hidden traces of Burnham and Bennett’s original 1909 plans to redevelop the city.