Dimensionalizing the Foyer

Dimensionalizing the Foyer (Topographical Space) 2017 – Artist tape on walls and door. Bending space with perception: line sequences in varied configurations create an illusion of dimension. I call this Dimensionalization. Two dimensions can be perceived as three, and vice versa.
Project: Darel Carey

Light is a kind of truth

Manuel Borri of Diagora Design Studio, who designs Necky wall lamp for Axolight, explains his point of view about the word “light”: it has two meanings – illumination source and something revealing truth.

Manuel Borri dello studio Diagora Design, che ha disegnato per Axolight la lampada da parete Necky, spiega la sua interpretazione del termine “luce” – come fonte di illuminazione ma anche come verità rivelatrice.
Project: Borri Manuel Diagora Design